When it comes to customer acquisition, there is no doubt diversity in acceptance of payment is a key component. As most of us know, money is money, whether it be pennies, quarters, dollars, or most importantly credit cards. The need to keep your business up to speed with competitors and the ever growing financial sector means accepting credit cards has now become an essential. It may seem like common sense, but statistics from INUIT show that 55% of the countries 27 million small businesses do not accept credit card. If you are one of these businesses, and the reasoning behind you not accepting credit cards is dealing with the hassle of processing companies, fret no further. Bank Card Systems, based out of Rochelle New Jersey, is A+ credited from the BBB and locally dubbed as small businesses best friend. Offering the some of the lowest, most competitive rates on the market, and arguably the best customer service, Bank Card stands out from the hundreds of Credit card processing companies flooding the market. Accredited, Acclaimed, and in it for the betterment of business as a whole, Bank Card stands with the customer in an era where profits come first, and your happiness comes second. Call or Visit the site today for a free consultation !